Saturday, January 15, 2011

Richard is a very special 13 year old, who will turn 14 this July. With that birthday comes the guarantee that he will no longer be eligible for adoption. We don't want that to happen!  Richard has had his right eye removed, and he has no vision in his left eye. Despite being totally blind, Richard is extremely capable of handling everyday life in the foster home. Not only has Richard endured abandonment by his father (he was old enough to remember), but he also suffered abuse from other children in his old orphanage. It took him a while to learn to trust others, but he does now. He still worries about being abandoned again, according to his caregivers. Richard loves math, and will study hard in that subject. He's not so fond of English, and doesn't concentrate as well with that. He is learning to read braille, and can write well.

Please spread the word about Richard! He lives in the Bethel Foster Home, and you can find many pictures and even videos of him on their website. Won't someone give Richard the chance to learn the safety, stability and unconditional love of a forever family??

Please someone take a look at this wonderful little boy. 

**Here is more on Richard from the Director of Special Education at his school:
 He is already 13, so he just have one year left to be adopted. Instead of that point, Richard would find a real balance in his life. He really suffer to don't have someone who loves him or have a family like some of his friends who have been adopted. He is able to say it sometimes but shows it more especially when he has an email or a gift from his favorite sponsor. He really care about her and worried when she says that she has health problem (she is 83).   I think that Richard is one of the kids who need the most a family to take care of him and shows him that they love him.   Even if he always need to be reassured, Richard is a really clever and cute teenager. He is really nice, never upset by things or deal with it without an aggressive or perturbed behavior. He loves to learn, like spend time to speak with adults and go out. He loves cars and plays with model when he has some time.   At school, Richard is really quiet and listen the teachers. He does his exercises fine and is really proud of him when he does it correctly. He likes to write braille and ask to do it sometimes even if he doesn't need to.  Richard definitely needs a special school for blind children but will learn quickly and be able to do something to do in his life.

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