Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adorable Gary is 3 years old, and still waiting for his forever family. His diagnosis(if you can call it that)? Weak sight. That is it. His doctors recommended to recheck his eyesight after his 3rd birthday. He is definitely not blind! And did I mention he is adorable?? He has been in a foster family since he was 3 months old. Here is what his caregivers had to say about him, back when he was 22 months old:

“Gary” now can crawl alone, can stand steadily, walk supporting the rail with one hand, go upstairs supporting wall, use thumb and index finger deftly. He can hold a pen and scribble, imitate drawing vertical lines, can take a block out of the cup, turn over pages of a book twice, can speak 3-5 words and can express his needs with his mouth. He is timid and has a ready smile and laugh. He is sometimes impatient and obstinate. He is close to the foster mother and family. He likes playing with dolls best.

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