Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cute little Wyatt is a tiny boy with a mouthful of diagnoses.  He has concomitant exotropia of both eyes, also known as strabismus. His intelligence is listed as mildy low, but his DQ(developmental quotient) is normal.  He also has hypogenesis of the lobi frontalis, also known as under-development of the frontal lobe of the brain.  His intellectual development is not affected by this diagnosis. His heart and lungs are healthy. He is extremely cute, and the caregivers love him very much. Here is what they had to say about Wyatt:

He can go up stairs and walk while pushing a stroller; he can play with toys and can hold things.  He can call mother and wave goodbye. He can imitate others’ moves, and is interested in new things…such as when he sees an airplane in the air he would point at it with his fingers.  He is extroverted and active.  He loves to smile and listen to music. He ignores strangers and refuses to be held by them. If he has some food in hand, he would even ignore caregivers who call him–he is afraid that his friends would come and take his food away. He can accept food he has never had.

Little Wyatt could use a forever family, where he can try lots of new foods…and where he will never need to worry about losing his “things” ever again.

Adorable Gary is 3 years old, and still waiting for his forever family. His diagnosis(if you can call it that)? Weak sight. That is it. His doctors recommended to recheck his eyesight after his 3rd birthday. He is definitely not blind! And did I mention he is adorable?? He has been in a foster family since he was 3 months old. Here is what his caregivers had to say about him, back when he was 22 months old:

“Gary” now can crawl alone, can stand steadily, walk supporting the rail with one hand, go upstairs supporting wall, use thumb and index finger deftly. He can hold a pen and scribble, imitate drawing vertical lines, can take a block out of the cup, turn over pages of a book twice, can speak 3-5 words and can express his needs with his mouth. He is timid and has a ready smile and laugh. He is sometimes impatient and obstinate. He is close to the foster mother and family. He likes playing with dolls best.
Chase is a 3 year old boy who will steal your heart!  His diagnosis is congenital glaucoma and nystagmus, but he CAN see even small objects and turn the pages of a book. He is active and smart, and has a close bond with his 13 year old foster sister. Their favorite game to play is “Bo Peep”. I’m guessing Chase is the sheep:)
Nathan is an adorable 3 year old boy, who has been waiting on the shared list for almost a year. His only diagnosis is poor vision in both eyes. That is it! It is time for Nathan's Mommy and Daddy to find him!
3 year old Shawn has been through a lot in his young life.  Diagnosed with retinoblastoma, he has had to have both eyes removed. He now wears prosthetic eyes, and is learning to get around without sight. Shawn is an orphanage favorite, described as "spoiled, active with good motor development". When he had sight, his favorite game was hide and seek. He would also get jealous of other children who the nannies were holding, and try to pull them off so he could be held. Sean also doesn't like to go to bed at night, and will playfully toss his pillow and sheet on the floor, smile a big smile and say "No sleep"....then he will clap his hands. Sounds like a real charmer:) 
Little Mason is just one year old, born in August of 2009. He was born with congenital cataracts, which he has already had removed. Mason loves cuddling with his favorite caregivers! He also loves music, and will wave his hands and feet happily when the music is playing. Who wouldn't love to cuddle with sweet Mason??
Isn't she a cutie??  That is Cassie, and she will be 5 in January. Cassie is diagnosed with microcephaly and blindness. Despite her head being "slightly smaller than average", she has no mental delays at all.  She walked, talked and was potty trained at less than 2 years old. Cassie loves music and bouncy balls! She is described as having a "lovely personality". She plays well with the other children, despite her blindness.
Cassie has been on agency lists for a while, but now she is on the shared list.