Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The first child, and the reason for my "dream" of starting this website.

Zhang Jiabao was born Oct. 29, 2005 and is currently in an orphanage if Fujian Province, China. He is from the same orphanage where we adopted our second daughter, Jewel. He seems like such a sweet little boy!! When we received Jewel, she was in pretty bad shape physically and mentally. Slowly we have been chipping away at the shell she has built around herself r/t lack of stimualtion in the orphanage. (The bottom picture is of Jewel and Jiabao.) I am so sad for this boy and wonder what his life will be like if her remains where he is now. The orphanage staff mean well I'm sure, but they have no education in how to raise a visually impaired child. I hope this little boy will fiind his forever home soon!

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  1. I let Acer's orphanage know about Bethel, and there is now a little boy from Jingdezhen at Bethel. I don;t know if you have any contact with the orphanage heads, but it might work, to get them into a better facility.