Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cute little Wyatt is a tiny boy with a mouthful of diagnoses.  He has concomitant exotropia of both eyes, also known as strabismus. His intelligence is listed as mildy low, but his DQ(developmental quotient) is normal.  He also has hypogenesis of the lobi frontalis, also known as under-development of the frontal lobe of the brain.  His intellectual development is not affected by this diagnosis. His heart and lungs are healthy. He is extremely cute, and the caregivers love him very much. Here is what they had to say about Wyatt:

He can go up stairs and walk while pushing a stroller; he can play with toys and can hold things.  He can call mother and wave goodbye. He can imitate others’ moves, and is interested in new things…such as when he sees an airplane in the air he would point at it with his fingers.  He is extroverted and active.  He loves to smile and listen to music. He ignores strangers and refuses to be held by them. If he has some food in hand, he would even ignore caregivers who call him–he is afraid that his friends would come and take his food away. He can accept food he has never had.

Little Wyatt could use a forever family, where he can try lots of new foods…and where he will never need to worry about losing his “things” ever again.

Adorable Gary is 3 years old, and still waiting for his forever family. His diagnosis(if you can call it that)? Weak sight. That is it. His doctors recommended to recheck his eyesight after his 3rd birthday. He is definitely not blind! And did I mention he is adorable?? He has been in a foster family since he was 3 months old. Here is what his caregivers had to say about him, back when he was 22 months old:

“Gary” now can crawl alone, can stand steadily, walk supporting the rail with one hand, go upstairs supporting wall, use thumb and index finger deftly. He can hold a pen and scribble, imitate drawing vertical lines, can take a block out of the cup, turn over pages of a book twice, can speak 3-5 words and can express his needs with his mouth. He is timid and has a ready smile and laugh. He is sometimes impatient and obstinate. He is close to the foster mother and family. He likes playing with dolls best.
Chase is a 3 year old boy who will steal your heart!  His diagnosis is congenital glaucoma and nystagmus, but he CAN see even small objects and turn the pages of a book. He is active and smart, and has a close bond with his 13 year old foster sister. Their favorite game to play is “Bo Peep”. I’m guessing Chase is the sheep:)
Nathan is an adorable 3 year old boy, who has been waiting on the shared list for almost a year. His only diagnosis is poor vision in both eyes. That is it! It is time for Nathan's Mommy and Daddy to find him!
3 year old Shawn has been through a lot in his young life.  Diagnosed with retinoblastoma, he has had to have both eyes removed. He now wears prosthetic eyes, and is learning to get around without sight. Shawn is an orphanage favorite, described as "spoiled, active with good motor development". When he had sight, his favorite game was hide and seek. He would also get jealous of other children who the nannies were holding, and try to pull them off so he could be held. Sean also doesn't like to go to bed at night, and will playfully toss his pillow and sheet on the floor, smile a big smile and say "No sleep"....then he will clap his hands. Sounds like a real charmer:) 
Little Mason is just one year old, born in August of 2009. He was born with congenital cataracts, which he has already had removed. Mason loves cuddling with his favorite caregivers! He also loves music, and will wave his hands and feet happily when the music is playing. Who wouldn't love to cuddle with sweet Mason??
Isn't she a cutie??  That is Cassie, and she will be 5 in January. Cassie is diagnosed with microcephaly and blindness. Despite her head being "slightly smaller than average", she has no mental delays at all.  She walked, talked and was potty trained at less than 2 years old. Cassie loves music and bouncy balls! She is described as having a "lovely personality". She plays well with the other children, despite her blindness.
Cassie has been on agency lists for a while, but now she is on the shared list.
What a beauty! Maci has the most beautiful, full, pouty lips you will ever see!  She has been waiting far too long for her family. Her paperwork has been ready for over 3 years!  Maci is now 5 years old, and has a diagnosis of corneal leukoma of both eyes.  She does have some vision in her left eye, despite the diagnosis of “left eye blinded”. She can see well enough to pick up small items off of the floor.  Maci is shy around strangers, but warms up quickly, especially if the strangers play with her. She laughs very loudly when she is happy. When her caregivers leave the room, she will cry for them.

Nicholas came to the orphanage as a month old baby who was weak but who has grown strong gradually with the good nurturing of his caregivers. At the age of 9 months, he could roll. At the age of 10 months, he could jump in walker. At the age of 1.5year, he began to learn to walk, could walk 4-5 steps, crawl quickly. At the age of 1year 8months he could walk freely, say simple things and 2 words phrases. Now he could say sentences of 7 words and talk with adults. Nicholas likes to write Chinese characters, draw, run, and play with toys like guns and balls. He has strong imitating ability and can help adults to do things. He can take good care of himself and can eat his meals and use the bathroom by himself. He is a little bit obstinate and is extroverted, restless and active. Nicholas likes to talk and laugh. He likes to play games and participate in outdoor activity. He has routine life, has meal with adults, likes to have various dinners and vegetables. Nicholas is a delightful and curious little guy who is waiting for his own forever family
Richard is a very special 13 year old, who will turn 14 this July. With that birthday comes the guarantee that he will no longer be eligible for adoption. We don't want that to happen!  Richard has had his right eye removed, and he has no vision in his left eye. Despite being totally blind, Richard is extremely capable of handling everyday life in the foster home. Not only has Richard endured abandonment by his father (he was old enough to remember), but he also suffered abuse from other children in his old orphanage. It took him a while to learn to trust others, but he does now. He still worries about being abandoned again, according to his caregivers. Richard loves math, and will study hard in that subject. He's not so fond of English, and doesn't concentrate as well with that. He is learning to read braille, and can write well.

Please spread the word about Richard! He lives in the Bethel Foster Home, and you can find many pictures and even videos of him on their website. Won't someone give Richard the chance to learn the safety, stability and unconditional love of a forever family??

Please someone take a look at this wonderful little boy. 

**Here is more on Richard from the Director of Special Education at his school:
 He is already 13, so he just have one year left to be adopted. Instead of that point, Richard would find a real balance in his life. He really suffer to don't have someone who loves him or have a family like some of his friends who have been adopted. He is able to say it sometimes but shows it more especially when he has an email or a gift from his favorite sponsor. He really care about her and worried when she says that she has health problem (she is 83).   I think that Richard is one of the kids who need the most a family to take care of him and shows him that they love him.   Even if he always need to be reassured, Richard is a really clever and cute teenager. He is really nice, never upset by things or deal with it without an aggressive or perturbed behavior. He loves to learn, like spend time to speak with adults and go out. He loves cars and plays with model when he has some time.   At school, Richard is really quiet and listen the teachers. He does his exercises fine and is really proud of him when he does it correctly. He likes to write braille and ask to do it sometimes even if he doesn't need to.  Richard definitely needs a special school for blind children but will learn quickly and be able to do something to do in his life.
Macey – Macey is a special little 6 year old girl.  She has been diagnosed with congenital cleft microblepharia and narrow angulus oculi medialis. It is reported that Macey has a gentle personality, is generous, easygoing, and gets along well with others. She does not lose her temper easily but she is also not always eager to do well in everything she does. Lauren is attached to her caretaker. She has facial expressions of looking forward to the return of her caretaker when she has to leave. When seeing the caretaker she will run to her to cuddle happily. If you would like additional information and photos of Macey, please contact Lifeline Children’s Services. Please pray with us for the Lord to find Macey her forever family.
Lili is a very delightful girl living in Bethel Foster Home just outside of Beijing. She has a way about her that can’t be captured with just words, maybe it’s the way she can melt a heart by just being a child… She has an adorable smile and is very intelligent.  She has limited vision, but that doesn’t stop her from living actively, and independently. Each child here has monthly goals to reach, set by their nannies. Lili has done very well in achieving these goals, and moves quickly to new ones. Bethel is trying to raise each child to be as independent as they can despite their disabilities and this is coming along quickly for Lili.
Lili is excelling in her everyday life and is quickly growing in knowledge and understanding. She has a mischievous streak in her and often tries to charm her way out of discipline. Like it has been mentioned before, she is very intelligent. She is attending music, English, math, arts and crafts, cooking, as well as pre Braille classes. Bethel is also training the limited vision Lili has, and she can identify different colors, shapes and sizes by using the light box.
Although Lili is sometimes shy, she is quick to learn, and is adjusting to new challenges at a fast pace. She was one of the first children to come to Bethel and each day they are thankful for the joy she brings.  They trust that she will keep excelling in all that is given to her and are grateful for the good health that she enjoys.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Talk about a cutie!! "Gena" as named by Love Without Boundaries

This little one originally caught my eye because in the younger picture of her, she could be Jewel's twin!! She is 4 years old and is absolutely adorable. In her update she is said to be a "smart and happy girl". She walks alone, but likes to hold someone's hand to be sure she doesn't run into anything. She is talking, and calls people by their name. She is just precious!! She is currently in a foster home, and is sponsored by Love Without Boundaries.

The first child, and the reason for my "dream" of starting this website.

Zhang Jiabao was born Oct. 29, 2005 and is currently in an orphanage if Fujian Province, China. He is from the same orphanage where we adopted our second daughter, Jewel. He seems like such a sweet little boy!! When we received Jewel, she was in pretty bad shape physically and mentally. Slowly we have been chipping away at the shell she has built around herself r/t lack of stimualtion in the orphanage. (The bottom picture is of Jewel and Jiabao.) I am so sad for this boy and wonder what his life will be like if her remains where he is now. The orphanage staff mean well I'm sure, but they have no education in how to raise a visually impaired child. I hope this little boy will fiind his forever home soon!

Following a dream:

My heart is aching for all children who are living in foster homes or orphanages and do not have "forever families". I follow many different bloggers who advocate for these children, and it has really made a difference in these kids' lives!

 Like I said in my profile, having 2 visually impaired daughters has changed how I look at the world. I have a dream that I can help change the lives of other children too. I hope to have this website give information relating to blindness in general. More importantly, I will try my best to keep my web page up to date with pictures and information on visually impaired children who continue to wait on their forever family. If I can help 1 child find a home, it will be soooo worth every moment! Please e-mail me with any questions or comments.